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Multi-functional Connectors According to IEC 60601-1-11 with Protection Class II

An aging population and the rising cost of healthcare around the world are a matter of concern to the general public these days. In order to reduce the cost of overhead we are seeing a trend towards medical care at home through smaller, more portable and efficient medical equipment. Manufacturers of medical devices are being presented with new challenges to minimize the safety risks associated with the use of medical devices, because they are being operated by laypersons with no medical training, instead of trained personnel in a controlled hospital environment.

Safe power supply for medical equipment used at home

Domestic power supply systems are not always reliable or may be insufficiently grounded. A medical device used at home has to compensate for this potential. It is therefore imperative that it be designed with Protection Class II safety, and has to offer protection against dangerous contact voltages, which is guaranteed through double insulation between the mains circuit and the output voltage or metal enclosure. Even if they do have electrically conductive surfaces, they are protected against any contact with other live parts through the double insulation.

SCHURTER Products and Solutions

SCHURTER offers various combination connectors that satisfy the requirements of the standard IEC 60601-1-11 which includes Protection Class II variations. These filtered connectors in a Protection Class II design have been high-voltage tested with 4000 V. Every single one of the manufactured components is tested in the final inspection between live and tangible conductive parts. Examples of conductive parts are the filter shield or the assembly panel. The combination connectors are also protected against solid foreign bodies with a diameter above 12.5 mm, against penetration with a finger, and have an IP 40 degree of protection. Additionally, we recommend a flush-mounted installation in the enclosure so as to achieve the protection against drip, in accordance with IP 21.


SCHURTER is a leading innovator and manufacturer of passive und active electronic components ensuring the clean and safe supply of power and ease of use of equipment.


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